is this a diocese

affiliated group?


Yes. It's Just Fun is a ministry of the Diocese of St. Augustine sponsored by the Diocesan Center for Family Life and Catholic Divorced Ministry. We encourage each parish to inform the many adult single parishioners they serve about this opportunity. Look for news and announcements about IJF in your parish bulletins, the St. Augustine Catholic magazine, and other outlets.

who is this group for?


IJF is targeting single Christian men and women age 35+ from around Jacksonville and Northeast Florida. The term single can indicate never married, divorced, widowed or separated. This program is for people who are interested in meeting new faith-based people and having a great time at a variety of activities.

If your divorce, separation or the passing of your spouse has been within the last two years, we encourage you attend our Friday Night Support Group or take part in the Diocese's Rebuilding Program.

Learn more here.

is ijf a dating service?


No. It's a new, updated twist on the Catholic singles group idea. If you are like us, the term "church singles group" conjures up images of dimly-lit events in the parish hall with stale chips and flat soda on the table in the corner. That's what we're not.

Instead, our goal is to produce and tie into events that are fun enough to make time for and fun enough to bring a friend to.'s about fun.

While the Diocese of St. Augustine offers a spectacular array of ministries, education and events, It's Just Fun (IJF) is just that: about fun. In addition to putting on our own unique events, we will also take advantage of other activities to increase the breadth of IJF and continuously bring other Catholics age 35+ into the mix.

About It's Just Fun

does it cost anything to join? 

No. Joining is free. As you would expect, most of the events will have a nominal cost associated with them — just like everything else you do for fun and entertainment. The good part is that the caliber of people will be better!