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Saturday, November 8
Monthly Mass at San Juan del Rio Catholic Church
1718 Florida SR 13 (South San Jose Blvd.), St Johns, FL 32259 (map)
5:15 PM Service
Followed by Dinner at Outback Crab Shack

Please plan to meet outside the main entrance of the Church 15 minutes before Mass begins. That way we have time to arrange to sit together. The location of our seating varies, so please be early. After Mass...

Join us for Dinner at Outback Crab Shack
8155 County Road 13, St Augustine, FL 32092 (map)
About 6:40 PM (after Mass)

Tuesday, November 11

Team Trivia at Cruisers Grill (San Marco)
5613 San Jose Blvd, Jacksonville , FL 32207 (map)
Plan to arrive around 6:30 PM for group seating
Trivia starts at 7:00 PM and goes to about 8:45

This is a really fun event, and the more the merrier. Join us as we put our collective wits and general information knowledge against other teams at Cruisers. We simply form a team with the people who show up. Even if you don't consider yourself a trivia nut, this is still alot of fun. Join us! When you get there, tell the host/hostess that you're with IJF.

Saturday, November 15

Community Service Project: IJF Adopt-A-Lake Clean-Up
8:30a to 10:30a
LOCATION: behind Radio Shack, Bank of America, Block Buster and Walgreens at the intersection of University West and St. Augustine Road (map).

Take an hour or so and help us maintain a previously littered lake. This is an ecology-rich lake where ducks, geese, otters and schools of fish live and play. Adults and supervisoed teens will find this activity to be a satisfying exercise in community service.

WEAR: shoes/boots, hat, sunscreen and garden gloves if you have them
BRING: rakes if you have them (leaf and garden); Flat shovels (not spades)
IJF & COJ PROVIDE: rubber gloves, trash bags and 'litter-picker-uppers'

If you have any questions concerning this monthly project, please contact:
Doug Ridgway or call 904-424-7639.

Wednesday, November 19

Healing Mass @ St Vincents Spirituality Center

1878 King Street, Jacksonville, FL 32204 (map)
7:00 PM to 8:10 PM

All of us know someone – or are someone – who needs healing. Whether we suffer physically, emotionally or in some other way, God's healing hand awaits us. Join us for this monthly mass dedicated to healing our hearts, souls, minds and bodies. Please be on time.

There is a parking garage adjacent to the Spirituality Center. Parking is free at that time of day


More events will be listed soon!


Not every event can accomodate every IJF member. Because participation levels can vary dramatically, we plan for our "best guess" of how many people will show up. Most of the time we do pretty well, but we appreciate your understanding that planning for attendance is not an exact science. Only if you (kindly) let us know when we under-estimate can we improve our planning.

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